We only source the best quality wood to give you excellent value for money and more heat for your dollar. Our firewood pile usually has stock of the following woods:


Our most popular wood, fully seasoned and split in various sizes. Heat output is 80% per unit volume. Hard to split with poor ignition leaving very good coals and moderate sparks.


Plantation timber, Bluegum is a softer, lighter wood. It is much easier to light, and gives good instant heat. It burns quicker than Redgum, however you get lots more volume per tonne. Its heat output is 80% per unit volume. Very easy to split with good ignition leaving good coals and moderate sparks.


Also known as Mallee Roots. One of the best heat output timbers’ available. Heat output is 100% per unit volume. Very hard to split with poor ignition leaving excellent coals and very few sparks. Gives the best, longest lasting coals.

All our wood is sold by weight. We have a weighbridge where you weigh your car on entering, then weigh on the way out. You just pay for the weight of the wood. Fill up the boot of your car or bring your trailer. We ban even lend you a trailer to take your wood home. Pick your own or we can load it with our loader into the trailer or ute.

We endeavour to keep our firewood under a tarp and do our best to make sure the wood is dry. Good seasoned firewood WILL NOT absorb much water, so even when raining, the surface water will soon dry off.

While we do our best to maintain dry wood, the weather can change at a moment’s notice, and stock coming into the yard may have been transported through wet weather.