• You may pay with credit card over the phone or cash on Delivery. Our drivers do not generally carry change so ask when placing an order if change is needed.
  • Delivery charges apply depending on location and delivery day. We charge NO EXTRA for deliveries on weekends and public holidays.
  • Remember you do not have to be home to receive a delivery. Pay prior either by credit card over the phone or by visiting our store, leave clear and simple instructions on where you would like the load tipped (leave a sign where possible), and contact phone number in case of difficulties, and you can enjoy your day rather than waiting at home for a delivery to show up.
  • The delivery fee is per load. Only the one delivery fee will apply when multiple items will fit on the one load. Multiple items are at our discretion and we cannot guarantee 2 deliveries will be needed. Please ask one of our staff weather your delivery will fit in one load.
  • Please consider truck access when placing an order.
  • If a small truck is required, please ask for one when placing the order. Ordering a small quantity does not ensure a small truck will deliver the goods.
  • Generally bulk items are tipped off the back of a truck, so LOOK UP. We cannot tip off under carports, trees, phone lines and especially power lines (we must keep well clear of power lines)
  • Minimum delivery quantities apply of 1 tonne/m3. Smaller quantities may be delivered at our discretion, surcharges may apply.
  • Our delivery charge for bulk materials does not apply to delivery of Blocks and Pavers. Delivery fees for Blocks and Pavers will depend of quantities and timeframe of delivery. Where small quantities of Blocks and Pavers are delivered with bulk orders additional fees will apply.

Delivery Trucks

No matter the product we have a way to help you get it home

We can supply you with a 7 x 5 box trailer or try one of our Tipper Trailers. No need to shovel the load off.
Hate Shovelling? Who doesn’t. That’s why our tipper trailers are so popular with our customers.
With these trailers you simply reverse to where you want your product and pull the lever. How simple is that? No more shoveling out of the trailer to get it returned. Drop the product and then you can work at your leisure.

Hints and Tips

Follow our tips to make the most of your purchase

Order your load to be delivered the day before you plan to use it

If possible leave a sign out where to tip. Place order and pay prior to and have your load delivered the day before you are going to use it. That way you can start work first thing in the morning instead of wasting half the day waiting for the delivery to arrive.

Make your Selection Carefully

We suggest coming to have a look at the products before placing an order. While photo’s give you an idea, seeing it in person is best. Different companies call products different names. Once delivered and tipped off it’s too late to change your mind.

When you need help on calculating quantities, measure your garden or yard before ringing

We can help to estimate the quantities of material, but we need to know the area you need to cover or fill. Measure the Length, Width and Depth, give us a call and we will help you work out how much you need.

Lay Turf as soon as possible when delivered

The sooner you can lay your turf and water it, the better condition it will be in. Turf begins to brown off very quickly while rolled up, especially on a hot summer’s day. Keep watering regularly until the roots begin to go down deep into the soil.

Terms and Conditions

  • No responsibility taken after truck leaves Kerb.
  • All costs of collecting debts to be paid by customer
  • Materials remain the property of Pimpala Landscape Supplies until paid in full
  • Materials Not Guaranteed
  • Some products contain recycled materials
  • Customer must provide safe access for trucks and delivery driver
  • Customer will be responsible for any damage to any public or private property including any damage caused to concrete driveways or paths
  • Materials NOT guaranteed weed free
  • Once delivery is tipped off truck NO REFUND POLICY applies
  • While every effort will be made to tip in your requested location, actual delivery point will be at the sole discretion of delivery driver
  • Failed delivery attempts will result in a return fee and Re-delivery fee
  • Cancellation of delivery after loading will result in fee
  • Return of goods due to wrong selection or over ordering will incur a restock fee, the amount will reflect cost of returning item, any transport involved, manual handling involved with the initial sale and retun of item
  • Turf MUST be paid in full before cutting. Once cut a NO REFUND POLICY applies