Builders Cement 20kg

Type GB blended grey cement is ideal for use in structural concrete, mortar, renders, grouts and cement based products. In particular it is often used in place of General Purpose Cement (Type GP) when early strength development is not critical. Blended cement contains nominally 30% blast furnace slag, a supplementary cementitious material, which offers increased workability, less water requirement and a lower environmental footprint.

General Purpose Cement 20kg

Type GP grey cement is ideal for use in structural concrete, mortars, renders, grouts and cement based products.

Hydrated Lime 20kg

Hydrated Lime is mainly used in conjunction with cement for mortar, render and plaster. It also has a multitude of uses around the garden or farm such as pH neutralisation, fungus control and compost acceleration. Hydrated Lime is often referred to as slaked lime and is frequently used for soil stabilisation.

Brighton Lite 20kg

Type HE off-white coloured cement produces light coloured concrete, mortars, renders and grouts when used with light coloured sands and aggregates. It is also suitable for use with cement compatible colouring oxides, and is ideal when early strength development is critical, such as the casting of pavers, statues or other pre-cast products.

Speed Set Cement 20kg

DryPak Speed Set is a carefully selected blend of cements, fly ash, sands and stone designed to set very rapidly without any mixing. It is suitable for bedding fence posts, letter boxes, clothes lines & numerous other non-structural applications. No mixing is required. Simply add to water to achieve a rapid set in just 20 minutes.

Pavelok® 20kg

Pave-Lok® is a lightly bonded jointing sand specially formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between segmental pavers. Helps retain integrity and stability of joint. Resists wash out after 30 minutes setting. Retards weed growth. Is quick and easy to apply. Minimises wind-blown joint erosion.

Dried Sand 30kg

Ideal for paving work , sand pits and in concrete mixes.

Concrete mix 30kg

A well proportioned mix suitable for paths, small sheds, small concrete projects. Sand and metal and an enclosed cement sachet.

Mortar Mix 30kg

Ideal for most general applications, mortar below damp course, general purpose grouting, bedding roof.