Lawn varieties

Through extensive research worldwide we have sourced four lawns that provide realistic solutions for a multiplicity of landscape needs. Each lawn cleverly incorporates a second weave throughout the base to present an undertone of dry grass, something quite normal in our warmer climate. Just as important, but far less exciting, these lawns also come in either 2 metre or 4 metre wide rolls, allowing for less joins and a more natural looking lawn.

The Grange

The Grange is a prestigious lawn with a slightly wider blade that incorporates a beige coloured thatching under tone. Visually it is astounding, with an enhanced resistance to flattening due to its unique C shaped blade. Much like a good red, it gets better with age

The Toorak

The Toorak is the newest addition to our family of synthetic low-sheen lawns. This exclusive turf sits so naturally in our leafy established suburbs. It will take more than one look from your neighbours to distinguish this fine leaf turf from a seeded lawn.

The Mayfair

The Mayfair has been designed to give that freshly mowed look with a slightly lower cut profile. Overall the result is a lawn that looks as natural as the real thing. Adults love it, kids love it and even your pets will love it.

The Lifestyle

As the name suggests, it is all about your lifestyle while still maintaining that beautiful looking yard without the continual hard work. The Lifestyle is a shorter blade lawn, enabling you to have that all-year-round green look, regardless of your budget.

Why Termiturf?

  • Market leading 10-year warranty
  • Outstanding range of natural looking lawns
  • Realistic thatching, featuring an undertone of dry grass
  • Australian operated company since 1992
  • No watering, mowing or fertilising ever again
  • Perfect for shady or hard to grow areas
  • Lush and green all year round
  • Pet friendly and family safe
  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards
  • UV stabilised for Australia’s harsh climatic conditions
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Various roll widths to reduce or eliminate joins
  • A quality investment for your property
  • Low maintenance