Pimpala Landscape Supplies is a small, family owned and operated business that has been servicing the Southern Suburbs since 1990.
We have one of the largest Landscaping yards in the Southern region making it easy to bring your trailer in and drive around our yard. Stroll through the yard or choose from the samples in our shop.
Don’t forget to bring in your measurements of your garden so we can assist on making sure you have the correct amount of product for your project.
Pimpala have a home delivery service and very competitive rates with 3 different truck sizes and can normally deliver within a day’s notice if not the same day. We also have loan trailers available for you to use.

Pimpala has a large range of garden and landscaping products. There is a particularly large range of barks, groundcovers and mulches, ideal for keeping your weeds under control and help conserve water. We also have a great range of decorative rocks, gravel’s and pebbles.
We also have a large range of fertilizers and bagged building products. We also supply six different types of instant lawn and also artificial turf. Call in for advice on preparation and selection of the lawn that best suits your needs.
So if your new to the area, or your garden simply needs a touch up, please call in and see our staff who are only too pleased to help with all your needs.

Hardware Products, Fertilisers and Chemicals

Our store has a great selection of products you need around the yard and garden.

  • Lawn fertilizers
  • Garden fertilizers. Cow Manure, Rapid Raiser, Sulphate of Amonia, Potash.
  • Weed sprays. Broadleaf sprays, Path Weeders.
  • Pesticides. Ant Spray, Bug Spray,Fungacides.
  • Lawn Seeds. Assorted varieties.
  • Star Droppers, Hardwood Garden Stakes.
  • Tools. Shovels, Rakes, Spades, Small Garden Tools, Bricky Tools, Levels, Stringlines.
  • Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation. Pipe and fittings. Micro sprays and Drip Irrigation.
  • Builders Plastic. Orange and Black. Geotextile Fabric.
  • Weedmat. Ideal for weed control.
  • Cement Additives. Oxides, Plasticiser, A-Bond, Waterproofer.
  • Stormwater Fittings. Complete range of fittings and pipe.
  • Wooden Sleepers. Permapine and Hardwood in various sizes.
  • Concrete Sleepers. Creative Sleepers and Outback Sleeper ranges.
  • Retaining Wall Supplies. Steel uprights, Ag Drain, Drainage metal and plastic.
  • Retain-it. System for smaller walls and garden beds. suitable for 50mm and 75mm Sleepers
  • Garden Edging. Plastic and Steel edging.
  • Polished Pebbles